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Living in Upper East Side Miami

July 21, 2016

Upper East Side Miami

An eclectic community with a kitschy blend of urban sophistication in a rural setting, Miami’s Upper East Side is a growing neighborhood that’s attracting the likes of artistic residents and creative professionals.

Located on Biscayne Bay, Upper Eastside is primarily a residential neighborhood filled with beautifully preserved early 1900’s historic homes and modern mid rise condominiums along the Biscayne Boulevard. With the design district right in the heart of the neighborhood, it’s beautiful rural living with an eccentric urban attitude.

Location of Upper East Side Miami

The neighborhood is located north of Edgewater, south of Miami Shores, and east of Little Haiti. Miami Airport is only 15 minutes by car, or 1 hour and 10 minutes by public transport. The city’s South Beach area is also a close 20 minute drive away.

Public transport is accessible in Upper Eastside, but getting to and from central Miami will definitely take longer compared to having your own private vehicle.

The Different Sub-Neighborhoods in Upper East Side

You can take your pic from many different parts of Upper Eastside, which consists of different subdivisions such as Bay Point, Morningside, Belle Meade, Bayside, Magnolia Park, Shorecrest, and Palm Grove.

Majority of residents reside at Palm Grove, with the more exclusive subdivisions of Belle Meade and Bay Point Estates consisting of a fewer number of homes.

Morningside is a residential and historic part of Upper Eastside, located to the east of Biscyane Boulevard. Considered to be one of Miami’s most intact historic communities, it is known for its stunning wealth of beautifully reserved homes and buildings with Art Deco and Mediterranean architecture styles. The sub-neighborhood also has its own park, making it the ideal place for families or anyone who wishes to live in one of Miami’s historic areas.

Bay Point Estates is a lavish and exclusive gated community where streets are privately owned by households. Non-homeowners are not allowed to enter the community or use any of its roads and waterways, unless they are guests of any of the 250 homes lined on the Sabal Palm Road, which also happens to be one of the most expensive streets to live on in the country. There’s 24/7 security in this community, so it’s considered to be one of the safest areas of Miami to live in, too. Prices of homes range from $1,100,000 for a 3,000-square foot property to a whopping $27,000,000 for a bigger estate with bay views.

High-rise and mid-rise condos adjacent to Biscayne Boulevard offer smaller and more affordable housing options for young professionals who wish to live in Upper East Side. These urban settings are quickly attracting young artistic crowds as they provide easy access to shops and restos.

Upper East Side’s MiMo District

One of the highlights of living in Upper East Side is definitely the design district of MiMo, which consists of buildings and structures that were originally built post-World War II, and have been fully renovated and restored. MiMo is actually an architectural style of movement that emerged in South Florida, with the Upper East Side’s MiMo District being the epicenter of the style.

MiMo stands for Miami Modern, and the aesthetic features a futuristic interpretation of structures with an eerie nod to the past – think The Jetson’s and the Caribbean all rolled into one building.

Most of the buildings are now being used as hotels, consignment shops, cafes with umbrella-covered tables on the boulevard, and restaurants run by some of Miami’s best chefs. A true community that attracts and breeds creatives, the MiMo Disctrict is definitely one of the reasons why you’ll enjoy living in Upper East Side.

The Upper East Side Community

According to a 2000 census, Upper Eastside is one of Miami‘s most diverse neighborhoods. A number of different ethnicities and races live in the neighborhood, consisting of high, middle, and low income families. Many of the residents include artists, journalists, photographers, writers, start-ups, and professionals who live in the older areas of the neighborhood.

Here are demographic statistics of Upper Eastside, which may be points to consider if you wish to live in the area:


>Crime Rate

Upper East Side’s crime rate is 20% lower than the national average: you’ll have a 1 in 43 chance of becoming a victim of a crime. The neighborhood is also 76% safer than other Florida cities. If you’re living alone or with kids, Upper Eastside is a generally safe place to live in.



There is a 6.4% unemployment rate, which is 9% higher than the national average. As such, most of the residents in the neighborhood are self-employed or have businesses of their own. Income per capita is $31,632, which is 11% higher than the national average.


>Cost of Living

Cost of living in Upper East Side is 25% higher than the national average. In terms of the prices of good and services, prices are slightly higher, such as the cost of a haircut, with the average of $15 in Upper Eastside, while the national cost is at $14.59, making a haircut in the neighborhood 6.9% more expensive.

Some goods may be less expensive such as the average cost of pizza at $8.99 compared to the national average of $9.24, as well as a doctor’s appointment at $97.86 over the national average of $105.03 but generally, cost of living in the neighborhood is relatively higher than most cities in the United States.

>Cost of Housing

Upper East Side’s cost of housing is 70% higher than the national average. The median home price is $334,033, which is 111% higher than the average in Miami. The median rent is at $1,030, which is 3% higher than the Miami average.

About 34.3% of the neighborhood’s residents own their homes, which is 48% lower than the Miami average, while the average number of residents per home is at 2.6%, which is 3% lower than the average of Miami.

Live in Miami’s Upper East Side

What attracts most people to Upper East Side is its suburban appeal while also located within the city of Miami. Central business districts are a short drive away, while the neighborhood itself offers its long list of amenities that still consider the neighborhood urban and modern.

Dubbed as the closest neighborhood to the waters, next to South Beach, and featuring a number of large outdoor spaces such as parks, Upper Eastside is a bustling neighborhood with a little town feel, making it perfect for families or creative individuals wishing to get some inspiration.

One of the bustling areas of Miami early in the 1920’s to the late 1960’s, it fell into decay in the 80’s during the suburban boom. Today, however, the crumbling homes and buildings have now been fully restored, streets and corners are rapidly growing into eclectic communities, and homes have become a much coveted asset.

Upper Eastside’s unique charm and sensibilities make it one of Miami’s sought after neighborhoods.