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The Most Luxurious Morningside Homes for Sale

July 8, 2016

Real Estate in Morningside Miami

Morningside homes for sale are found on the upper side of Miami which is also known as the East Side or Northeast Miami. The neighborhood is a subdivision of the Upper Eastside and lies alongside other subdivisions such as Bay point, Magnolia Park, Bayside, Shorecrest, Belle Meade, Palm Grove. Specifically, it is adjacent to the Baypoint Estates and geographically it runs from NE 55th Street to NE 60th Street.

Gentrification of Morningside

Morningside is among the cities in the United States that have undergone gentrification. This is after the Morningside, alongside other neighborhoods in the inner city fell on hard times. Recent times have seen the neighborhood experience an influx of affluent residents and full restoration. Such resilience is what most people look for in neighborhoods when looking to settle down. Morningside also bears the tag of the first historic district in the city of Miami. It has since been added to the National Register of Historic Places as the Bay Shore Historic District.


The historical distract of Morningside is quote significant as far as landscape architecture and history of architecture, as well as community development are concerned. Its development took place between 1922 and 1941 meaning that the neighborhood now boasts Art Deco, Mediterranean and Vernacular styled houses. The houses are a reflection of the direction and diversity of architectural design of the 1920s and 1930s. This is definitely your taste if you like unique and historical architecture that is unlikely to be found in upcoming neighborhoods. There are very many masonry vernacular designs that normally make use of elements of various styles. There is a Tudor Revival style house as well as the Mission styled architecture.

Those who like current designs will also not get disappointed because there are post -1941 buildings in the neighborhood to serve them. The current buildings have, however, not succeeded in watering down the historical integrity of the area. A reason for this is that the current buildings respect the historical structures in workmanship, materials, scale and setback. Basically, the new buildings have not been intrusive to the old ones.


While most people will appreciate good architecture and design, they prefer it to be in a well planned district. You can find this in Morningside which boasts the title of best planned divisions in Miami. The neighborhood also entails wide and tree-lined boulevards which define the area. Morningside homes for sale are an exclusively residential community with location and amenities on Biscayne Bay have been instrumental in attracting prominent and influential local residents.

Public Projects

Residents in the neighborhood have been piling pressure on the Miami City Commission to consider new codes for building. The commission complied and there was also the 180 moratorium in 2007. The residents of the Upper Eastside therefore, remained with some of the oldest neighborhoods and resolved that the neighborhood will remain just as it was. Although the codes are strict as far as height is concerned, they are not as particular when it comes to distance to the low density areas.


A recent beautification project has recently come to an end on the Biscayne Boulevard. Legion Park and Eaton Park on the other hand have recently received new equipment for their playgrounds. This is music to the ears of parents f small children who may need to play and interact with others. Parks also attract people who may just want some quiet time or privacy to read a book or have a picnic. There is ongoing construction on the Little Rover Canal. Other parks in the area include Morningside Park, Legion Park, Baywood Park, Pelican Harbour Park, Manatee bend Park and Military Trail Park. All these parks have the necessary equipment and are well maintained for you to enjoy.


Security is the area is assured and there are current efforts in place to fight crime. You can be sure that you and your property will get protection form the law enforcement agencies.


If you are a parent you need not worry as far as the education of your child is concerned. You have a choice between private and public schools just as any other parent in other parts of USA. The Miami-Dade County Public Schools are in charge of the area public schools. The public schools include Morningside Elementary School, Phyllis R. Miller Elementary School as well as the Design and Architecture Senior High School, magnet school.

There is also a school under the Archdiocese of Miami called the Archbishop Curley –Notre Dame High School. Other private schools in the area include the Morningside Montessori School and the Cushman School. There are also local high schools that offer good education and whose proximity is ideal for a parent living in Morningside. Most schools offer transportation for their students through the school buses. The Miami University is available for anyone seeking higher education.


You need not worry if you are an avid reader or a researcher because there is a library to cater to your needs. The library is under the Miami-Dade Public Library and is known as the Lemon City Library.


You will not need to worry about transportation when looking for a home in Miami. The Miami-Dade Transportation and Public Works has provided a Metrobus, Metrotrail, Metromover as well as Paratransit services. All these are options for a person that may need to get from one point to another. The neighborhood has ample parking places for residents as well and you can use your own private means as well.

Morningside Homes for Sale

Morningside has much to offer in terms of homes for sale. You can get a family home to enjoy with your children. Such home enjoy spacious lawns and backyards that many people with large families can enjoy as well. There are also apartments for rentals and you only need to call your realtor with your specifications in kind. You can get residential land as well. All the amenities such as water, electricity and gas are intact and you will not have to start from scratch looking for them or trying to install them yourself.